Stella Artois Presents: “Under the Stars” by John Legend

Stella Artois was orig­i­nally named after the hol­i­day star and crafted as a hol­i­day gift to the peo­ple of Leu­ven, Bel­gium. More than a cen­tury later we were tasked with mak­ing Stella Artois’ gift­ing story cul­tur­ally rel­e­vant to a new gen­er­a­tion. We stum­bled upon a beau­ti­ful sci­en­tific fact—every star has a sound—and this led to the first ever duet between a star and a star.

Astrophysicist Zoltán Kolláth helped us translate star light frequencies into beautiful mesmeric sounds. Allowing us not only to see, but hear the stars.

By bringing science and music together, we created a piece of culture to share with the world as part of Stella Artois’ ‘Give Beautifully’ holiday campaign.

We premiered “Under the Stars” for a New York audience at the ‘Stars’ by Stella Artois event during the holiday season.