Bringing Black Magic into the Light

Hydroponics within the US has historically been cultivated as an underground growing culture. But as the landscape begins to change, this growing process is becoming more well known and acknowledged.

Our task was to create the look, feel, and tone of the new brand Black Magic—the first hydroponics brand to be sold nationally in Home Depot. The brand had to appeal to mom and pop gardeners, while not alienating the grassroots hydro community that have been pushing this niche technique forward to mass acceptance.

We created a system for Black Magic packaging featuring distinct illustrations to visually differentiate each product.

Verbal and visual guidelines, which included the creation of a unique typeface, were part of a brand book that set the blueprint of the brand.

To help Black Magic better understand their community, we spoke to growers across the US during a six-week research project on the changing landscape of hydroponics.