Living life #NOFOMO with Target

This summer, Target’s encouraging everyone to live life #NOFOMO (with no fear of missing out). Our social campaign for their range of 2016 swimwear is all about shedding insecurities and diving in so that every body—of all shapes and sizes—can have a summer to love.

Barbie also teamed up with Target to get behind this inclusive message, and show off her latest Target swimsuits on Instagram too.

The campaign, which is live now through July, has already picked up some exciting press around its positive message:

“With bikini season approaching you might be dreading stepping into a swimsuit again. Target wants to totally change that, launching a #NoFOMO campaign to show girls of all shapes and sizes that they shouldn’t be afraid of showing off their beautiful bodies at the beach.”

“Target, which commands a significant share of the swimwear market, continues to stress inclusivity in its advertising, marketing and social media campaigns as it tries to convince more women to get into the water by showing its swimsuits on a variety of body types.”

“Target has lined up a new ally in its push to win a bigger piece of the plus-size apparel pie: Barbie. The iconic Mattel doll, which is enjoying a renaissance, is seen modeling Target swimwear in a new campaign launched on Tuesday, outfitted in suits for a wider variety of body types, including curvy, and more skin tones.”

“Swimwear season is almost upon us, and Barbie wants to help us get ready. The iconic brand announced in January that its dolls would be available in petite, tall, and curvy sizes, as well as diverse skin tones and hairstyles. Today, those dolls hit stores, and they won’t be hiding their figures-in this body-positive campaign, they’re rocking replicas from Target’s new swimwear line.”

“Back in January, Barbie made some major and much-needed changes to their iconic doll. Mattel finally introduced three new body types, allowing girls to choose from not just the classically slim doll but also a curvy, tall and petite Barbie. Continuing with this new inclusive mindset, they’ve decided to team up with another body positive retailer: Target.”

“In an effort to promote body positivity (and swimwear), Mattel and Target have joined corporate forces for a new line of swimsuits. The collaboration is vaguely inspired by the concept of #NOFOMO, which is “no fear of missing out,” but more importantly, it’s aimed at promoting self-confidence and inclusion.”