Lúcete, TargetStyle

This Spring, Target is celebrating self-expression and individuality through beauty.

With an all Latina cast and the Bomba Estéreo track “Soy Yo” (This is Me), Target is creating a campaign specifically tailored to the Hispanic guest.

As part of Target’s social efforts, a Dubsmash partnership kicked off a month before the Latin Billboard Awards. It encouraged users to show off, their own way, while lip syncing to the song “Soy Yo”, and then sharing on Instagram. The result: a user generated commercial, the first of its kind!

The TV spots debuted during the 2016 Latin Billboards on April 28th, and has already started to garner attention, both in English and Spanish-language publications.

“What’s really powerful about this campaign is that it speaks to what beauty is all about—self-expression, individuality and creativity,” said Mr. Gomez [Rick Gomez, senior VP-marketing at Target]. “It’s a big idea that’ll be appealing to our Latina guest and others.”

“Somos millones de latinos viviendo y trabajando mucho en Estados Unidos y compañías tan inmensas como Target cada vez reconocen la importancia que tenemos en su mercado,” explicó [Gaby Espino]. “Me encanta que hagan campañas especialmente dirigidas a nosotros porque demuestran la fuerza que tenemos y eso me llena de orgullo.”

Translation: “We’re millions of Hispanics living and working in the U.S. and big brands like Target recognize the impact we have on the market. I love that they’re making campaigns specifically directed to us, because it shows our strength and that fills me with pride.”

“Target lanzó una campaña en la que reunió a una interesante diversidad de mujeres latinas que están inspirando el mundo con sus estilos particulares. Las marcas cada vez se interesan más en aquellas que rompen el molde.”

Translation: “Target launched a campaign in which they brought together an interesting diversity of Latino women who are inspiring the world with their unique styles. Brands are increasingly more interested in those that break the mold.”