CK One #ckmeforme

To reconnect with 20-somethings who share themselves freely on the internet everyday, we approached the 20th anniversary campaign of CK One as an experiment.

The ingredients: 21 emerging artists, actors, musicians and models, 21 iPhones, several other fancy cameras that a few people knew how to use, 1 Mario Sorrenti, 1 hotel, 3 days, no script, no rules (a few tiny kinda-but-not-really-rules rules).

The content made by Mario and the cast was shared, unadulterated, on Snapchat.

The #ckmeforme Tumblr became the top-branded page for three months running.

The most salacious stuff created during our three-day experiment came together as a short film.

The content was also sliced into different formats across traditional media.