Joie de bière

After 10 years of partnership, Stella brought us their greatest challenge yet.

With growing competition from imports and craft beer, alongside ever increasing global ambition for the brand, Stella Artois needed a long-term, culturally relevant platform that would solidify their standing as the premium European lager.

We brought them Joie de bière, a simple, powerful call to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, just like they do in Europe. It’s a reminder to take a moment, get rid of distraction and spend time with friends over one of life’s great, simple pleasures — a lovely beer.

Joie de bière is the biggest ever marketing push for the Stella Artois brand, running across 19 markets globally.

We launched with a film called ‘Pockets,’ a simple story that introduces drinkers to our world – Le Village de Stella Artois. Le Village is a place where nothing gets in the way of enjoying simple pleasures, not even the ever present smartphone.

We expanded the world of Le Village through a series of digital videos, featuring some of the most interesting characters from our town.

Our new European world and characters are carried through everywhere the brand shows up – in social media, bars, supermarkets and liquor stores.