‘Stars’ By Stella Artois

For the holiday season, inspired by Stella Artois’ origin story, we gave the gift of the stars to the people of New York City. A unique experience that lasted for four nights, where visitors could get closer to the stars than ever before in this first-of-its-kind interactive installation. On the night of the opening, we kicked off with an intimate performance by John Legend under the light installation, which was beautifully choreographed to the premiere of the track “Under the Stars.”

The one thing the greatest city in the world doesn’t have. The Stars.

When people reached for the stars, a sensor was triggered and they magically descended towards you.

Beyond visitor’s taking their own photos, we had photographers capturing everyone as they interacted within the installation.

And some stars even had a camera that triggered as they reached up, offering a unique image of visitors reaching for the stars. As people left the installation, they could pick their photos to have sent to their phones to be shared out on social.

On the opening night, we choreographed the light installation to make John Legend’s performance an unforgettable one.