James Patterson

To cement James Patterson’s reputation as The Master of Thrill, we decided to take the usual thrill of reading one of his novels to an unprecedented height and make his fans read against the clock. Introducing The Self-Destructing Book, the most thrilling reading experience ever. Patterson’s fans had just 24 hours to read his new book, Private Vegas, before it self-destructed.

A free digital book was released to 1,000 readers. They had 24 hours to race to the end of the book before it disappeared in an arresting fashion.

Readers were digitally connected through the book, and could “sabotage” other readers by stealing some of their precious time.

The book was also promoted through James Patterson’s Facebook page. The posts themselves were—of course—self-destructing, too.

Also, a crazy $294,038 “deluxe” version of the book got you a trip to an undisclosed location, a five-course dinner, and means to read from a safe distance while a SWAT team handled the book.