For decades the 76ers have changed the game with revolutionary styles of play, unforgettable athletes, and gutsy franchise moves. In recent seasons they’ve defied traditional NBA strategy focusing solely on draft picks and bold trades, but lost their place within a sports-hungry market in the process. We united Philadelphians by reminding them that this team, and this city, have challenged the status quo and won, since 1776.

A rallying cry took to the airwaves reminding Philadelphia what this team and this city are made of.

A brandbook was created to align all 76ers from management to players under one identity, serving as a bible of the 76ers past, present, and future.

One symbol was created to define the revolutionary soul of Philadelphia, the year for which this team is named.

Finally the rallying cry was taken to the streets of the city itself with a call to join the 76ers as they redefine basketball once again.