Water Ripples
by Stella Artois

For World Water Day 2018, Mother and Stella Artois celebrated the ripple we’ve made in the global water crisis by taking over Grand Central Terminal with a kinetic installation. A towering, 36-foot reflective space housing 600 individual moving droplets, “Water Ripples by Stella Artois” was designed to show the impact one person can have by providing water to someone who needs it.

Every Chalice purchased provides five years of clean drinking water to a person in need. New Yorkers who purchased a Chalice were invited to create their own ripple within the installation, immersing them in a mesmerizing and optimistic moment – enhanced by an ever-changing soundscape.

The installation captured the attention of New Yorkers. Thousands of ripples were created and shared. And, most importantly, from miles away thousands of lives will be touched by the ripple effect of our World Water Day initiative.