A Perfect Picnic with Stella Artois Cidre

Stella Artois Cidre sought to distinguish itself from the competition in a rapidly growing US cider market and to establish itself as the go-to premium cider brand. Stella Artois Cidre aims to appeal to white wine and rose drinkers and simultaneously dispel the myth that cider is only for the fall. It’s really the perfect partner for your al fresco gatherings — a great reason to bring friends together for an unforgettable picnic.

We told the story of how three friends bring their picnic to life with a little help from Stella Artois Cidre. Together, they discover Stella Artois Cidre’s perfect balance of three apple varieties that refresh the senses, create a feel good moment, and inspire a bit of toe-tapping.

We created several custom-built assets to fit broadcast and digital channels of different sizes.

World-renowned choreographer Ryan Heffington helped us illustrate this world and develop the characters through compelling and almost effortless movement.

The music created for the spot was a completely original take on a doo-wop classic, “I Really Love You” by The Stereos. Produced by Victor Axelrod and performed by Screechy Dan, the final track combines a mix of three genres to create a balance of harmonies and the perfect background for outdoor occasions.