Maternity Leave is a Full-Time Job

In celebration of Mother’s Day this year at Mother New York, we’re tackling the issue of unpaid maternity leave in America. It forces moms to quit their jobs if they want time to bond with their newborns – and they then face discrimination when seeking new employment.

We wanted to create a tool that helps explain and celebrate maternity leave. The Pregnancy Pause is a company moms can list on LinkedIn to fill these problematic resume gaps.

And it isn’t over until moms receive the support they deserve. Maternity leave is a full-time job. Join us.

Some press on our initiative:

“Here’s to empowering moms who want to return to the workforce.”

“In order to help moms who are trying to resume their careers after taking time off to have kids, Mother New York created The Pregnancy Pause. Now, women can fill the ‘gaps’ in their résumé in a way that accurately reflects what they were doing: birthing and raising a human.”

“Anyone who has ever raised kids knows that motherhood is work, so why are women so often compelled to gloss over their hiatuses from the traditional workforce after they’ve had kids? After all, moms should be able to return to their jobs or seek new ones with pride, so one creative agency just launched a bold tool to help them do it. Mother New York developed the ingenious ‘The Pregnancy Pause’ to fill the ‘gaps’ in their résumés that all too often disadvantage them in the job market.”

“We shouldn’t even have to explain our maternity leaves to prospective employers, but The Pregnancy Pause is a start. Let’s begin the conversation and hope for the sake of our babies and their future that it empowers us, and them.”

“A compelling campaign by the agency Mother New York is trying to destigmatize maternity leave. […] It validates the tough choices women face and might event help launch a necessary conversation about the policies that largely contribute to the gender pay gap.”

“We’re glad to see people taking action and bringing to light conversations about gender discrimination in the workplace and the need to destigmatise motherhood.”

“Mother New York is helping new moms get back in the workforce.”