Yard & Foreign

Yard: Jamaica. Foreign: Not Jamaica, the landing place of the Jamaican diaspora, often England.

Yard & Foreign is a project initiated internally here at Mother New York by art director / photographer Eóin MacManus and art producer Alexia Politis. An exhibition and ‘zine of photography shot in Jamaica and England, Yard & Foreign looks at the influence of the Caribbean through the lens of dance music and club culture.

The focus of the show is photography from street dances in Jamaica, contrasted with raves and clubs in England.

Eóin’s first job in ‘advertising’ consisted of pasting up street posters for music venues — the show’s presentation referenced this.

Yard & Foreign runs until June 11th at The Storefront Project, 70 Orchard St, New York City.

The Yard & Foreign ‘zine is available over at our online shopfront Mother Made.